Zoobles Diva Ballerina Trio Dance Studio Multipack Playset and Storage Case


Take the spotlight with the Zoobles Multipack Playset. This Z-tastic toy set comes with the exclusive Diva Ballerina Trio and transforms from a storage case into a dance studio playset for your Zoobles. Slide off the lid and discover two exclusive adorable Zoobles Animals and an exclusive Zoobles Z-Girl that you won’t find anywhere else. Flip the case over and set up the themed backdrop to add to your pretend play storytelling. The lid of the playset becomes the perfect entrance fit for a diva—roll ’n’ pop your Zoobles open on stage. Each character starts out as a colourful ball and magically springs to life as a super-cute animal when you roll it over the playset’s large metal hot spot. Plus, transform your Z-Girl character from animal into fashionable Z-Girl by petting and pressing her head. It’s so much fun. Push down to reset your characters back into ball form, then roll them up the ramp onto the dance studio’s stage and transform them again and again.

When you’ve finished playing, the Multipack Playset can fit up to 10 Zoobles inside. A carrying handle makes it easy for you to take your collection with you and put on a show on the go.

Add all of the Zoobles Animals and Zoobles Z-Girlz to your collection (each sold separately) to expand your wondrous Zoobles world.

Zoobles toy figures are the perfect gifts for girls aged 5 years old and above. Pop on over to the Zoobles dance studio and pop on pointe with the Zoobles Multipack Playset.

3 EXCLUSIVE ZOOBLES: Meet the Diva Ballerina Trio. The Multipack Playset includes 3 Zoobles that you won’t find anywhere else — 2 Zoobles Animals and a Zoobles Z-Girl. These divas are ready for the spotlight.

STYLISH TOY STORAGE CASE: There’s room inside the Multipack Playset to store up to 10 Zoobles characters from your collection (sold separately). Carry your case with you and put on a show on the go.

TRANSFORMS INTO A DANCE STUDIO: Hit the stage with the Diva Ballerina Trio. Flip the case over, set up the themed backdrop and use the lid as a ramp to roll ’n’ pop your Zoobles divas open on stage.

ROLL ’N’ POP TRANSFORMATION: Roll your trio onto the stage and over the metal hot spot and they magically pop open into super-cute animals. Pet your Z-Girl’s head to transform from animal to stylish Z-Girl.

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