T.L.C. Kritters - Series 1

  • Take on the job of caring for these blind box, collectible baby animals daily. When they unwrap the kritters’ incubator, they’ll find two packages: one with the new-born animal and the other with surprise accessories.
  • Each incubator comes with one of eight new-born animals  The mini figures are articulated for play and storage — or sleep — in the incubator box.
  • To reveal the accessories, new pet parents submerge the second packet into icy water and watch as it dissolves to reveal the gender of the baby animal, the adorable headband or bib, a pacifier, a bottle or medicine dropper, a birth certificate, a collector’s guide, and a new-born animal log.
  • Ages 6 +
  • Style: Toys and colours vary per packet
  • Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 7.5 cms


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