SwimWays - Pick Me Up Pelican

Yum! Yum! Preschoolers can catch, count and learn their colours with the SwimWays Pick Me Up Pelican pool toy. This hungry pelican has one thing on his mind and on the menu - tasty sea creatures! Children squeeze the trigger to open the bird's beak, then scoop up all the little fishies as fast as they can while they float by on the water's surface. Each colourful sea creature is numbered 1-4 for an added educational experience, allowing your child to learn colour and number recognition through active play. A great water toy for kids age 2 and older. One pelican and four sea creatures per set.

  • The SwimWays Pick Me Up Pelican is a pool toy for pre-schoolers
  • Squeeze the trigger on the Pelican to open the beak and scoop up the floating sea creatures
  • Includes 4 fishies, each with a different colour and number - learning through active play with colour and number recognition was never more fun
  • Each set includes one pelican and four sea creatures
  • For children age 2+


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