Marvin's Mind-Blowing Magic - 100 Amazing Magic Tricks


Marvin's Magic 100 Amazing Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks.

Designed for the new generation of streetwise magicians, this collection of 100 magic tricks has everything from vanishing pens to cunning card tricks and mind-reading. 

With the help of simple instructions and tried & tested props, children aged 8 or above can learn fundamental magic skills like making objects vanish, levitation, card tricks, funny stunts and more!

The set features a collection of ingenious props and the secrets to 100 magic tricks including:

  • The Invisible Pen.
  • Vanishing Coin.
  • The Rising Card.
  • Kings To Aces.
  • Wizard Cards.
  • Colour Blind Blocks.
  • Bug In The Ice Cube.
  • Defy Gravity.
  • Cup and Ball.
  • Age 8+





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