Llorens Vera doll that cries 33 cm - Los Llorones


Vera doll that cries 33 cm - Los Llorones

Vera is a crying doll but one that is easy to comfort with hugs. Vera and her pigtails, this crying doll wears a very complete set of 100% wool. She loves her clothes.

Height: 33 cm, Cloth body, If you take away the pacifier, it cries like a real baby and calls mom and dad, Pacifier included.

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Contains small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled.

About Llorens Dolls
Llorens are a family owned company making dolls since their grandfather started the company in 1958. Their aim is to enable children to laugh and dream by creating a series of dolls that make children happy. Ever since their grandfather started making dolls they've worked to bring smiles to children’s faces. Llorens believe that playing is the best way for children to learn. That's why their focus is on children, education and learning. They are aware of the importance of playing in the emotional and intellectual development of children. That's why at Llorens they make each doll with top-quality materials pouring a bit of their heart into each and every doll.

European Child Safety Regulations
All Llorens dolls adhere to European child safety regulations giving you confidence that your children will have fun in the safest way possible.
Commitment to the Environment
At Llorens, they respect the environment and promote sustainable measures in their business policies. Fostering responsible action among society is a priority for them. Besides encouraging children to play and develop by playing, their aim is to look after the places where they play and have fun in order to leave them with a better world. Lorrens dolls are made phtalate-free in line with European standards. Most of their products are made of 100% wool, including organic wool and a selection of high-quality recycled and organic textiles.



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