Fisher Price Go Jetters

Kyan + G.O. Roll
  • G.O. Roll ball that can be rolled along. Kyan figure fits inside the G.O. Roll and magically stays upright in the seat as the ball is rolled along. Energy ray launchers can be attached to G.O. Roll or held in Kyan’s hands. Launch energy ray when buttons are pressed
  • Foz’s mighty G.O. Giant click-on action suit has arms that can be moved up and down, claw hands that can hold objects and other figures, and it can be rolled along to his destination. Insert an energy bolt into the suit’s right arm, press the button and launch the bolt. Includes two energy bolt projectiles.

Glitch + Grimbler

  • This set features The Grimbler vehicle with rolling wheels and Glitch’s moustache which pops in and out as you roll it along. It also includes an exclusive Grandmaster Glitch figure and a Grimbot. The boosters pivot and figures (sold separately and subject to availability) can peg onto boosters to ride outside.


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