Pockos - Slithers


From Pockos, the tumblin, stumblin, springy, thingy, a new wall-walking sensation!

  • Gently throw The Slithers underarm onto a clean, dry vertical surface. It doesn't even have to be level, the spring in the middle allows The Slithers to fall, stumble, tumble and bounce down almost any surface.
  • Remove dirt and dust by washing the sticky bits with heat, (warm water?) washing up liquid, rinse well and leave to dry for a few moments.


  • Don't throw onto wallpaper or matt emulsion type surfaces.
  • Don't play rough, treat gently.
  • Don't pull at the sticky pieces or over stretch The Slithers
  • DO have lots of FUN


  • Buy your own to enjoy the fun too!


  • The Slithers can cause serious outburst of sniggering and giggling.
  • Safe non-toxic materials
  • Not suitable for children of 3 or under due to small parts
  • Retain information for future use
  • Age: 5+


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