Arts & Crafts

Imagine, create and explore with our Arts & Crafts Collection. We've curated a fabulous collection of Arts & Crafts designed to get your children's minds engaged in creative and fun activities.

Your child will love:

- the magical worlds by My Little Worlds which take your child on a magical journey from fairies to emergency services to Christmas, there is so much choice for every inquisitive mind. These sets contain exquisitely drawn images of the top tourist and natural attractions like Dublin Castle, The Giants Causeway, and Dublin Zoo. Our Country and World sets take on a special meaning for anyone loving to explore a country or the world.

- the awesome puzzles and jigsaws from Puzzly-Do. Dubbl-Puzzls by Puzzly-Do! are always double the fun – there are printed jigsaw puzzles on one side, but flip ’em over and you can colour in the reverse side with the 10 colouring pens provided in each set. Another great choice for your kids as these sets may be shared by more than one child at a time, encouraging interaction, extended learning and hours of endless fun for all the kids.

Explore our Arts & Crafts Collection to find the perfect Arts & Crafts project for your child.

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